Leisure In The Community

Welcome to Leisure in the Community Ltd

Leisure in the Community Ltd is a leisure management organisation, dedicated to supporting and developing sports, leisure and cultural facilities in the communities in which we operate.

Community Programming

As an enhancement to its contractual obligations, the Society adopted a set of Community Programming Aspirations back in 2010 so as to provide a framework for the future development of the community programmes within our facilities. These community programming aspirations are reviewed on an annual basis with the current community programming aspirations of the Society in 2022 being:

  • Increase and encourage participation in physical and (where possible) arts activities particularly in locally under-represented groups, especially;
  • – Older People
  • – People with physical and mental disabilities
  • Support programmes which address obesity, particularly in young people.
  • Provide exercise referral and/or arts on prescription programmes.
  • Identify and apply for Local/Regional/National grant aid to improve facilities and programmes offered